Mc. Millian 5

Game 1 Newspaper (match the words to the picture)

Game 2 Computer (write the words)

Game 3 Microphone (listen and make sentences)

Game 4 Pussle (complete sentences)

Game 5 CD player (listen and click)

Game 6 Photos (listen and choose)

Game 7 Timetable (make sentences)

Game 8 Bike (click on correct word)

Unit 1 Free time (fly a kite, play the guitar, play board games, play computer games, watch TV, play table tennis, ride a mountain bike, listen to CDs)

Unit 2 Animals  (whale, otter, frog, iguana, camel, eagle, aunt, spider)  

Unit 3 Languages    (German in Germany, English in the UK, Arabic in Egypt, French in  France, Chinese in China, Spanish in Spain, English in Australia, English in the      USA)

Unit 4 Spy   (map, computer, newspaper, camera, mobile phone, disguise microphone,  message in code)

Unit 5 Buildings (Internet cafe,  library, museum, cinema, shops, castle, park, sports center)

Unit 6 Adjectives  (short, thick, thin, young, long, old, tall, big)

Unit 7 Families    (grandparents, aunt, younger sister,  cousins, parents, uncle, baby  brother, older brother)

Unit 8 Professions (artist, musician, detective, film star, inventor, pop star, policeman, astronaut)

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