Mc. Millian 4

Game 1 Timetable (find & click)

Game 2 Bookcase (match, then find the word)

Game 3 Newspapers (find the words)

Game 4 Computer (write the words)

Game 5 Table (make sentences)

Game 6 Stand (listen and choose)

Game 7 Robot (listen & make sentences)

Game 8 Girl (collect a key and click on correct answer)

Unit 1 Subjects (History, Math, English, Geography, Art, P.E., Music, Science)
Unit 2 Weather  (it`s hot, it`s cloudy, it`s sunny, it`s cold, it`s snowing, the sky is grey, it`s  windy, it`s raining)  

Unit 3 Free time (catching a ball, walking, throwing a ball, running, jumping, climbing a tree, riding a horse, swimming)

Unit 4 Before go to bed   (have a shower, clean my teeth, brush my hair, go to sleep, wash my face, put my pyjamas on, read a book, go to bed)

Unit 5 Face  (blue eyes, straight hair, curly hair, short hair, dark hair, green  eyes, fair hair, long hair)

Unit 6 Buildings  (supermarket, baker`s, butcher`s, clothes shop, bookshop,  petshop, sweet shop, sports shop)

Unit 7 Camping (cook some food, put up a tent, walk in the forest, walk in the   mountains, play games in the camp, swim in the river, sail on the lake, swim in the lake)

Unit 8 Bremen musicians (cat, donkey, drums, dog, violin, guitar, chicken,  recorder)

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