Mc. Millian 3

Game 1 Timetable (find & click)

Game 2 Bookcase (match, then find the word)

Game 3 Newspapers (find the words)

Game 4 Computer (write the words)

Game 5 Table (make sentences)

Game 6 Stand (listen and choose)

Game 7 Robot (listen & make sentences)

Game 8 Girl (collect a key and click on correct answer)

Unit 1 School (scissors, cupboard, clock, notebook, pen, glue, bin, board)

Unit 2 Sport (play basketball, run, play, hockey, rollerblade, ride a bike, play football, swim, play volleyball)  

Unit 3 Clothes (shoes, socks, jacket, hat, jumper, scarf, T-shirt, jeans)

Unit 4 Food (pasta, cake, cheese, fruit, bread, salad, meat, vegetables)

Unit 5 Body (fingers, head, body, legs, hands, feet, arms, toes)

Unit 6 Wild animals ( tiger, parrot, elephant, giraffe, flamingo, lizard, zebra, monkey)

Unit 7 Free time (swim in the sea, play frisbee, go fishing, look for treasure, play football, go snorkelling, make a sandcastle, look for shells)
Unit 8 Kingdom (fairy tale) (robbers, money, castle, ring, crown, clothes, queen, king)

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