Mc. Millian 6

Game 1 Newspaper (match the words to the picture)

Game 2 Computer (write the words)

Game 3 Microphone (listen and make sentences)

Game 4 Pussle (complete sentences)

Game 5 CD player (listen and click)

Game 6 Photos (listen and choose)

Game 7 Timetable (make sentences)

Game 8 Bike (click on correct word)

Unit 1 TV programme    (adventure film, comedy, science fiction film, the  news, music programme, quiz show, cartoon, wildlife programme )

Unit 2 Food  (orange juice, flour, jelly, jam, eggs, cream, honey, strawberries)  

Unit 3 Adjectives  (deep river, deep valley, wide ralley, long river, wide river, high mountain, deep ocean, dry desert)

Unit 4 Spaces  (satellite, telescope, moon, rocket, astrounaut, sun, stars, planet)

Unit 5 Professions (doctor, musician, astronomer, painter, inventor, farmer, vet,  sailor)

Unit 6 Free time (take photos , read magazines, buy clothes, send text  messages, argue, go bowling, watch TV, have a snack)

Unit 7 Subjects (ICT, Biology, Arabic, Chemistry, Geography, Design Technology, Physics, English)

Unit 8 Fairy tale  (sailor, genie, dragon, island, cave, Queen, Sinbad, King)

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