Overboard (За бортом)

Characters: Joanna,Doctor,Husband,Dean,sons
За бортом
За бортом
 At hospital.
Doctor: Miss...Miss do you know your name?
Joanna: Of course I know my name. It`s...Oh! This is absurd! I know it. It...Get that thing out of my face! (убирает микрофон) What a horrible wig!
Doctor: You seem to be suffering from a temporary amnesia, either from the bump into the    
              garbage can or the shock of the cold water.
Joanna: How temporary is it?
Doctor: Well, we don`t know. Otherwise you seem to be in excellent physical shape.
Joanna: Listen to me, medical people! As of now, I have a life history of a dirty garbage scow 
               and a breakfast of extremely runny eggs over easy! Now I refuse... refuse... to be  
              treated in this semi-private room! You snore! No efforts are being made for 
               anyone to locate...in one room. I demand do something. Do you hear me?
Doctor:This man says that you are his wife. So,congratulations Dean and Joanna.
At home with children.
Joanna: Are you ready? Are you ready? Come on! Come on!
Son (twin): Bye, Mom. You`re doing a great job.
Dean: I`m off to work. Somebody gotta keep this family in the lap of luxury. 
 Your list of daily chores! See you tonight.
Joanna: Dean? 
За бортом
За бортом
Dean: (sings) Zippety doo dah! Zippety yay! My oh my, I got a wonderful slave and you are a  genius.
He`s all
Joanna: (In front of mirror): You`re living in nightmare that starts at the crack of dawn.
Joanna (and dogs): A-A-A! Down! Down! (song) she vacuums the house, takes children from school.
Children (shout): Dinner! Dinner!(She washes the dishes, washes clothes, cleans the windows.)
She and children!!! (after work) 
Children: She needs food. This is fun.
Dean: Hey, guys. What`s going on here?
Fat son: Nothing we`re O.K. We`re fine. How about you? 
Dean: Oh, ho. What`s wrong with her?
Another son: She`s been like that for an hour now. She`s getting better, though.
Dean: Better?
Fat son: Yeah, she`s not going “Ba-ba-ba...”
Dean: Why did she do that?
Son: She destroyed the scarecrow, Dad.
Small son: I like when she goes “Ba-ba-ba-ba...”
Dean: Hey! Baby doll? What`s for dinner?
Joanna: Bu-bu-bu-bu-ba-ba-ba-ba...
Dean: O.K.! I`ll take it from here. Go on, get upstairs.
Son: Dad, will you trade her in for a new one?
Dean: Hah, she`ll be all right. Come on, guys! Move it! (drops her in the tank of water)
Dean: Feel better?
Joanna: I don`t belong here. I feel it. Don`t you think I feel it? I can`t do any of these 
               things and I wouldn`t want to! My life is like death! My children are the spawn of  
               hell and you`re the devil. Oh, God...
Dean: Baby, we like you! 

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