Avatar (Аватар)

Avatar and Navi are fighting with the dogs.
Navi: Shall I fight with you all the night? Go away!!! (saying to the dogs)
Avatar: Wait, please.
Navi: Now it`s O.K. Now it`s O.K. 
Avatar: Hey! I`m afraid you won`t understand me...but... Thank you, very much! Thank you! You were in time. But for you I would have been dead now. That`s for sure!
Navi: Don`t say “thank you”. They don`t say “thank you” for that. It`s sad. It`s really sad.
Avatar: O.K.! Sorry! Whatever I do, forgive me, please!
Navi: It`s your fault! They mustn`t die.
Avatar: My fault? But it were they who attacked me.
Navi: It`s your fault! You are like a child. You do what you don`t know how to do! You`re   
          crying and making a lot of noise.
Avatar: Well! If you like those creatures so much you could have killed me. What`s the sense? Why did you save me?
Navi: Why did I save you?
Avatar: Yes. Why did you save me?
Navi: You have a brave heart. You feel no fear. But you are stupid like a child.
Avatar: O.K.! I`m like a child, will you bring me up then? I`ll be a quick-study.
Navi: Oh, no! I`ll get crazy! You can`t see.
Avatar: O.K.! Teach me to see them.
Navi: Nobody can teach it.
Avatar: Well! Let`s speak... Where did you study to speak like we do?
Navi: You are like an infant!
Avatar: May I go with you?
Navi: No! Go away!
At the tribe
Avatar and Navi come to the tribe.
Dad: Who is that creature? Why did you bring him here? 
Navi: I was going to kill him, but there was a sign from Eywa.
Dad: I say, no dream walkers will come here. He is stinking!
Avatar: What did he say?
Navi: Father wants to kill you.
Avatar: Your father?...Glad to meet you. (He`s stretching his hand to shake hands).
Dad: Step back!
Mom: I will look at this alien.
Navi: And this is mother. She told me that she wanted Eywa.
Mom: What`s your name?
Avatar: Jack Sally.
Mom: Why have you come here?
Avatar: I`m here to study.
Mom: We tried to teach humans, but it`s difficult to fill a full cup.
Avatar: My cup is empty. It`s true. I`m not a scientist.
Mom: Who are you?
Avatar: I`m a soldier.
Dad: Stop. This is the first warrior dream walker we have seen. We need to learn more about  him.
Mom: My daughter, you will teach him our way to speak and  live.

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