Six days Seven nights (Шесть дней, семь ночей)

Quinn and Angelica are in the boat. They are talking about their lives. Suddenly  sees two boats. 
Angelica: There are two boats.
Quinn: What? Two boats?
Angelica: Two boats. God, this is great huh? Hello!
6 дней, 7 ночей
6 дней, 7 ночей
(Then they hear a sound of a shot).
Quinn: Sit down! We gotta get out of here.
Angelica: Why? Why?
Quinn: We gotta get out of here!
Angelica: What? Got out of here?
Quinn: Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Angelica: What are you talking about? Oh, my God. Who, who are they?
Quinn: Pirates!
Angelica: Pi – Pirates? As in, “argh”?
Quinn: Smugglers. Thieves. They rob boats?
Angelica: Rob boats? They just killed guy!
Quinn: They kill us too. Just for being here! Just for seeing them!
Angelica: Shit, he just saw me.
Pirates: We got company.
Angelica: They just lowered a boat!
Quinn: What kind of a boat?
Angelica: A motor boat... Oh, God. Row, faster! 
(Pirates begin to shoot).
Quinn: Go, go, go! (They jump into the water) run long way up to mountains, pirates chasing them! 
Angelica: I can`t!
Quinn: Yes, you can.
Pirates: How`d he get over there? (They run near some bushes).
Quinn: Go.
Angelica: Where? Where? (They run to different directions).
Two pirates  and he have a fight. Then she comes to help. One of the pirates seizes the girl and keep her by hair.
Pirate: Let`s not make this difficult. That`s a very stupid thing to do. Now I`m gonna have to 
             kill you. Say  goodbye... (the man is on his knees).
Angelica: We`ve got gold.
Pirate: Up! . Gold?
Quinn: Gold?
Angelica: Yes, we`ve got gold. I`m a jewelry designer. I design jewelry with gold and precious stones.
Quinn: Precious stones, like uh...
Angelica: I have sold to all the finest stores. And, um, we`ve got display cases on the on the     
                  boat. Because, uh, we`re expanding the business in the Far East. But, that`s my 
                  husband`s end of the business.
Quinn: Cause I`m – I`m in marketing.
Angelica: Wiz! You`re a wiz! (ты просто гений)
Pirate: Take us to the boats. (They go through the forest, jump from a mountain. Pirates are 
             chasing them again. They are to the edge, with sea in front of them.)
Angelica: Oh my God! Now what? 
6 дней, 7 ночей
6 дней, 7 ночей
Quinn: We go on three. One, two...
Angelica: I can`t! You go. Save yourself! 
Quinn: I`m sorry!(He kisses her and then pushes into the sea.)
Quinn and  Angelica  are fixing the plane. Then the pirates appear and start shooting. Quinn is wounded.
Angelica: Oh, God. Are you O.K.? Oh, you`re hit?
Quinn: It`s not bad.
Angelica: Take off! Come on!
Pirate: Fire! (missed) Damn! Get out of the way! Reload! Quickly!
Angelica: Take off! Take off! We`re gonna hit them! we`re gonna hit them!
Quinn: Give me a hand! Pull! Pull! Pull!
Angelica: Pull (they took off. Pirates made one more shot in air).
Pirate: Look out! Abandor ship! (The rocket falls down on the ship and it explodes).
Angelica: Come on. Come on. Stay with me here. Stay with me. You`re doing great. (She 
                  holds him in her arms). Come on.
Quinn: Look! I should tell you a few things about aeroplanes.
Angelica: Why is that?
Quinn: Cause I may not be conscious when it comes time to land this thing.
Angelica: Oh, shit.
Quinn: Take the controls (возьми штурвал). I want you to get a fell for the yoke. (Ты должна  
             почувствовать его).
Angelica: You`re serious, aren`t you?
Quinn: I got it.
Angelica: Okay.
Quinn: Small corrections (очень легко). Just look at the horizon. When we get there you`re 
              gonna line up about a hundred feet out from the beach. (Тебе нужна будет высота в 
              сотню фунтов над берегом).
Angelica: Hundred feet out from the beach.
(On the island – the funeral).
Someone: We are here today to honour two fine people: Miss Robin Monroe and an old friend, 
                  Mr ...(She flies above the ocean:)
Angelica: Oh, God! Quinn? Quinn don`t make do this alone. Please, Quinn, don`t make me do 
                 this alone. Shit.
Someone: I would say a few words about our friend. Quinn Norris was the kind of man (here 
                  the plane appears in the clean sky).
Angelica: All right. I`m lined up with the beach. Throttle to 65 knots (нужно держать 65 
                  узлов). What the hell`s a knot? Uh, flaps (закрылки). Flaps, flaps. All right. Nose 
                  slightly elevated for landing. Here we go. And help me, God!
Angelica: Quinn, Quinn! We did it!(But he doesn't hear her. He is unconscious. )

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