Pirates of the Caribbean (Пираты Карибского моря)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s end.
Voice:   The Golden Age of Piracy comes to its end. Ships of the East - Indian company, headed by Lord Beckett kill pirates.  Davey Jones, captain of The Flying Dutchman, helps them in this. In the face of impending  danger pirates decided to unite. They convened a council of brotherhood. 
Barbosa: As you all gathered I declare to open the fourth council. Kindly bring the peso, friends captains.
Voice: First, they assumed to  use seven pesos to capture the sea goddess Calypso, but when the pirates gathered on the first council of brotherhood, no one had a penny, so they  had to use something that lying around in their pockets.

Пираты Карибского моря
Пираты Карибского моря
Jack Sparrow: Let me say that one of the barons hasn’t come yet! Where is Xiao-Fen?

Elizabeth: Xiao-Fen is dead. He was killed by  the Dutchman. 

Jack Sparrow: You’re the captain?! I guess, everyone can be an appointed captain, nowadays!

Elizabeth: We were given to  the enemy. Davey Jones  subjects himself to Lord Beckett. They are  on their way  here. 
Barbosa: What will we do, gentlemen? 

Elizabeth:  Let’s challenge them! 

Chinese baron:  This bay as a fortress. Why shall we challenge? They can’t approach  us here. 

Barbosa: But there’s another way out. Many years ago the first council of brotherhood captured the goddess Calypso and it was a great mistake. Of course, we became the masters of the seas, but we opened the door for Beckett  and his like. It was better when domination over the sea was given not because of the  deals with supernatural powers, but was  earned by labor and swept. Do you agree with me? Lady and gentlemen we must release Calypso!

French baron: Shoot him!

Spanish baron: Pull out his tongue!

Jack Sparrow: Shoot! Pull out and shoot his tongue! And shave his beardie!

French baron: Calypso was our enemy! 

Spanish baron: I don’t think that she is in high spirits now!

Chinese baron: Release!

 Elizabeth: It’s absurd!

Jack Sparrow: It’s a policy!

Barbosa: Enough! The members of the first council captured Calypso, but we release her  and she will be grateful and help us.

Jack Sparrow: To my mind, it’s absurd! We can release her but nobody guarantees that she will be graceful with us! Don’t you remember that she is abandoned woman and Fury can’t be compared with her.  The only way is to challenge!

Barbosa: But you usually run away from the battle field!

Jack Sparrow: No, I’m not.

Barbosa: Yes, you are.

Jack Sparrow: No! It’s not true! I followed the noble pirate’s tradition. And I think we should follow it now: challenge and run away!

Barbosa: According to the Code of Pirates, King of Pirates can declare war.

Jack Sparrow: No way! You are joking!

Barbosa: No, I’m not. I call captain Tieg- The lord of Code!
French baron: The Code was made by Morgan and Bartolamyu.

Captain Tieg: Borbosa is right!

Jack Sparrow: One minute! Only The King of pirates has a privilege to declare war. That’s funny! We hadn’t got any King from time immemorial.

Barbosa: And he can’t appear now.

Captain Tieg: No, he can’t.

Elizabeth: Why not? 
Пираты Карибского моря
Пираты Карибского моря

Barbosa: The King of Pirates must be elected by general vote, but every pirate votes for  himself.
Jack Sparrow: I demand  voting!

All pirates: every pirate votes for himself.

Spanish baron: Mr Zchack.

French baron: Captain Schoval.

Chinese baron: Ms Zin.

Indian baron: Shrisun Badge for  Shrisun Badge.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth Swan. 

Barbosa: Barbosa.

Jack Sparrow: Elizabeth Swan.

Elizabeth: What?

Jack Sparrow: Unexpectedly, don’t think so?

All pirates: Vote for me!

Jack Sparrow: So, you can’t agree with the Code?!

Elizabeth: Every ship must be ready to the battle! At break of dawn we should start!
Indian baron: we start war!

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