Home alone (Один дома) + видео

Characters: Kevin,Mom,Linnie,Megan
Kevin: Mom, nobody will let me do anything.
Mom: I've got something, pick up those Micro Machines that are all over. Dad almost broke his neck. And go pack your suitcase.
Kevin: Pack my suitcase?

Kevin: I don't know how to pack a suitcase. I've never done it once whole my life.
Linnie: Tough.
Kevin:That's what Megan said.
Megan: What did I say?
Linnie:You told him "Tough."
Megan:The dope was whining about a suitcase. What was I supposed to say?"Congratulations, you're an idiot"?
Kevin:I'm not an idiot!
Megan: You're helpless! We have to do everything for you.
Linnie: She's right, Kev.
Kevin:Excuse me, puke-breath. I'm small. I don't know how to pack.
Megan: What are you so worried about?You know Mom's gonna pack your stuff, anyway.
Kevin: This house is so full of people it makes me sick!When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone! Did you hear me?I'm living alone!(x2)
Mom: What is the matter with you? Go to bed! Say good night, Kevin.
Kevin: Why? 
Mom: There are a lot of  people, and only you have to make trouble. Go.
Kevin: It's scary there..I'm sorry.
Mom:  It's too late.
Kevin: Everyone in this family hates me!
Mom: Then ask Santa for a new family.
Kevin: I don't want a new family. I don't want any family. Families suck!
Mom: Go there. I don't want to see you again tonight.
Kevin: I don't want to see anybody else either.
Mom: I hope you don't mean that.

(Kevin is thinking about his life.)
Kevin: I wish they would all just disappear.

(Early in the morning. Kevin gets up.)
Kevin: Mom?Dad? Where are you guys? I made my family disappear.(x2). I'm free!!!
(He starts dancing to funny music.)

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