Jumanji (Джуманжи)+видео

«Alan and Sarah start playing the game»
Author: One evening Alan opens the door and sees his girlfriend.
Alan: What are you doing here?  
Sarah: I brought your bike back.
Alan: You didn't have to... I was going to meet Billy to get it myself.
Sarah: I told Billy to stop picking on you. 
Alan: We'll talk about this some other time. 
Author: Suddenly they hear the strange sound. It is quite scary.
Sarah: What was that? 
Alan: Did you hear that too? 
Sarah: Of course, I heard it.
Alan: Come on! I've found this really weird game in the factory.  Do you want to play?
Sarah: I quit playing board games five years ago. Oh, look! What was that?
Alan: I don't know.
Sarah: Let's stop playing, Alan!
Alan: The game thinks I rolled.
Sarah: What do you mean the game thinks?
Alan: "In the jungle you must wait..." What does that mean?
Author: Alan is disappearing. Sarah is screaming. What a scene!
«Alan is back»
Author:Alan comes back from the jungle. The children are so scared.
Alan: I'm back. My bike. Somebody rolled 5 or 8.  Thank you. Sorry to scare you. I'm back! Mom! Dad! I'm home. It's me. It's Alan. Are you my sister?
Judy: I'm Judy. And it's Peter.
Alan: Where's Mom? Did father stay at the factory?
Judy: Are you Alan Perish?
Alan: Yeah. And who are you?
Judy: We live here now.
Alan: Where are my Mom and Dad?
Judy: We don't know.
Alan: Let's find my friend, Sara.
Author: Of course, they had to find Sarah to finish the game. It is the only way to survive.
"Sarah gets back to playing the game"
Alan: This is where she used to live.
Peter: This game gets me the cribs.
Alan: We used to play on this porch. I knew she didn't still live here.
Judy: May be this woman knows something about Sara.
Peter: Of course, she knows. She's a psychiatrist.
Sarah: Hello?
Judy: Can you help us?
Sarah: Do you have an appointment?
Judy: No, we are just trying to find someone. May be you can help us.
Sarah: What is it?
Alan: We are looking for someone who used to live here.
Sarah: I'm over here for all my life.
Judy: Then you must know Sarah Wittle.
Sarah: What do you want from Sarah Wittle?
Alan: Sarah Wittle? 26 years ago you played the game with a little boy down the street. A game with drums. 
Sarah: How do you know that? 
Alan: I was that boy, Sarah. (Sarah fainted.)
Author: Did they finish the game? What do you think? Of course, they did. The film is splendid. I strongly advise you to watch it. You will never forget "Jumanji".

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