Unknown pterodactyl (Неизвестный птеродактиль)

Characters: Solona; Mimi; Elli; Jo; Alistair; Mr. Mike; Ebelix Car; Sala Tickcher.
Our friends go to uncle Mike. They go there every year. But this trip is very interesting…
Solona: When do  we get to uncle Mike?
Alistair: Oh, yes! How many kilometers are left?
Elli: As for me, 5 kilometers.
(Some time later)
Jo: At last, we arrived!
Our friends come near the Uncle Mike’s house, but they don’t find him here. In a second an unknown pterodactyl fly above their heads. Then it disappears. And Uncle Mike comes.
(They get in and sit at a table)
Jo: I think we are not in time!
Uncle Mike: I don’t think so. But...what are you talking about? 
Mimi: The city is so empty. And flying…
Uncle Mike: pterodactyl.
Mimi: Yes, you are right.
Uncle Mike: This pterodactyl appeared a short time ago. It is here for a week. At sunset everyone hides, because…
Mimi: it appears and…
Uncle Mike: and takes one man or woman. We have lost 7 people! At this sunset everyone is going to hide!
Jo: We must solve this riddle!
Our friends go to the highest cave, where they saw the flying pterodactyl. 
Alistair: Hmmm! Cave… a simple cave. I can’t hear any pterodactyl. Let’s go home (turn to the exit).
Jo: Wait (takes his collar and stops him).
(Pterodactyl is making a noise)
Jo: What? Say again, I can’t hear you!
(Enter the cave) 
Solona:   What is it? (find CD)
Alistair: It’s a CD.
Solona: I know what it is! Why is it here? 
Elli: I don’t know, but we must find out!
Pterodactyl drives them out the cave and now they are in a cafe.
Jo: It’s really strange: How can this CD appear in the cave? 
Alistair: I don’t think that it’s strange. Pterodactyl just wanted to listen to music. 
Elli: It isn’t funny!
They see a manager and a waitress speak in a strange way. Solona comes near them and sees their names. Then she goes back to her place.
Alistair: And what did you find out? 
Solona: I found out that the waitress is Sala Tickcher and manager is Ebelix Car.
Mimi: I hope It helps us.
They go back into the cave. There they find earphones. 
Solona: Hey, the same earphones had a waitress! 
Elli: I think I understood everything.
They go down. Sunset comes. Alistair comes out. 
Jo: You can do it.
Alistair: I hope.
(Pterodactyl flies out)
Alistair: Where is that pterodactyl? I’m not afraid of him! (Pterodactyl appears above him) 
Alistair: or afraid(he runs out and pterodactyl follows him. Friends pull the string: pterodactyl falls down)
Uncle Mike comes and they take the mask off the pterodactyl. And…It’s Sala Tickcher. 
Uncle Mike: But why? 
Elli: She needs money and Ebelix Car needs the city. They took people to make the others run away the city.
Sala:  If you did come, everything would be OK!
Car: We will come and take revenge! The city must be mine!!!
Mimi: So, we solved the riddle.


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