Madagaskar (Мадагаскар) + видео

1. In the boxes. On board.
Alex: Oh, my head! Wait. Where? What? I’m in a box. Oh, no! No, no! Not the box! 
Oh, I can’t breathe!
Marty: Alex! Alex! Are you there? 
Alex: Marty? Oh, Marty. You here?
Marty: Yeah! Talk to me, buddy!
Alex: What’s going on?  Are you Ok?
Marty: This doesn’t look good!
Gloria: Alex, Marty!!!
Alex: You’re here too?
Marty: I’m loving the sound of your voice.
Gloria: What’s going on?
Alex: We are all in crates.
Gloria: Oh, no!
Alex: Oh, Marty, because of you we are ruined.
Marty: I didn’t ask you to come after me, did I?
Gloria: Stop that, guys!
2. On the island.
Alex (scared): Marty? Gloria? (several times) (shouting) Hey, anyone! Hello!
Marty? Gloria? (in a tired voice). Oh, it’s Gloria! Hooray!
Gloria: Marty! Alex!
Alex: Gloria!
Gloria: Look! Marty is over there! (pointing to the ocean)
Marty: All right! That’s right!
Alex: Marty! Marty! (running to him)
Marty: Alex!
Alex: Marty! (becoming angrier) I’m going to kill you! Come here! Don’t run away from me.
Marty: Come down!
Alex: If you keep running I’m going just to kill you more. 
(Joining together)
Gloria: Look at us! We’re all  here together. Safe and sound.
Alex: We all exactly here… (turning around together)
Gloria: San Diego!
Marty and A: San Diego?
Gloria: White sandy beaches, natural environment. I’m telling you this could be the San Diego Zoo. Complete that fake rocks! Wow, that looks real.
Alex: San Diego. What could be worse than San Diego?
Marty: That’s cool!
Alex: I’m going to kill you, Marty!
Gloria: Calm down. 20-second time out. Look. We’ve just going to find the people to get checked in.
Alex: Oh, great! This is just great!  I’m ruined. I’m out of the business. It’s your fault Marty!
Marty: Come on, Alex! Do you honestly think I wanted all this to happen? You want me to say I”m sorry? Ok, I’m …
Alex: Hush!
Marty: He just irritates me.
Alex: Do you hear that? 
Marty: I hear it!
Gloria: Where there is music, there are people.
Alex: This way, guys. Come on.
Gloria: Let’s make a good impression on the people. Smile everyone. 
Marty: Wow!
Gloria: It’s not the people! It’s animals. (dance)
Marty: This isn’t the end! This is a whole new beginning. This could be the best thing that ever happened.
Alex: No. No. No. This isn’t the best thing that ever happened to us.
Marty: This place is beautiful. No fences, no rules.
Alex: Ok! I’m tired. This is your side of the island, and this is our side.
Gloria: You know, guys, this isn’t good.
Marty: Ok. You have your side and I have mine. If you need me, I’ll be over here on the fun side of the island.
Alex: This is the good side. I love this side (shouting and dancing).
(a bit later)
Gloria: I’ve been standing here for hours, man (waving). How long do I have to pose like this?
Alex: She’s ready. We are going to be rescued soon. (speaking about the statue he made.)
4. HELP (Alex is sitting. Marty comes up to him.)
Marty: Gloria is over there having a good time. There is room for you too.
Alex: No thanks. Marty I’m tired, I’m hungry! I just want to go home.
Marty: We’re waiting for you. It isn’t really fun side without you.
(Alex comes to Marty and knocks at the door)
Marty: Who is it?
Alex: It’s the pizza man. Who the heck do you think it could be? I’ve been thinking about  what you said and I’m sorry.
Marty: Welcome de Cosa de life! Hey! Hey! Wipe your feet!
Alex: Very impressive.
Marty: Have a drink. It’s on the house.
Alex: tfu… this is seawater…
Marty: Now look here…
Gloria: Do you have food Marty?
Marty: it’s special. Seaweed on a stick.
Marty: On a stick. Don’t love it till you try it.
Gloria: It’s delicious!
Marty: Well thanks. May be I could use a little lemon.
Alex: (coughing) No, it’s great.
(looking at the sky)
Gloria: Wow! Would you look at that! It’s like billions and billions of helicopters.
Marty: It’s shooting star. Make a wish. Quick!
Alex: How about a thick juicy steak?
Marty: I promise I' ll get it for you, Alex.
Alex: Thanks, Marty.
Gloria: It’s getting late. I’m going to sleep. Sweet dreams to everybody!

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