Stone soup (Суп из камня)

Characters:Kim,Bob,Man 1,Woman,Man 2,Author
A long time ago, there were two friends. They were in a small town.
Kim: We're tired and hungry.
Bob:       Please can you give us some food?
Man 1:   Can you give me some money?
Kim:       No, we can't.
Man 1:   No money, no food. Now go away! 
Stone soup
Stone soup

But Kim wasn't sad.
Bob:       What are you doing, Kim?
                Are you making a fire?
Kim:       Yes, I am.
Bob:       Are you putting water in the pot?
Kim:       Yes. I'm making lunch. I'm making soup for us.
Bob:      But there's no food!
Kim:       Look. There's a stone in the water. I'm making stone soup.
There was a woman on the street.
Woman: Stone soup? Is it good?
Kim:       Yes, it is. It's VERY good with potatoes, but I haven't got a potato.
Woman: A potato? Wait a minute!
Bob:       Where's she going?
Kim:       To the shop.
Soon the woman was back at the fire. She had some potatoes in a bag.
Woman: Here are some potatoes for the soup.
Kim:       Thank you. Then there was a man on the street.
Man 2:   What are you making?
Kim:       It's stone soup with potatoes.
Stone soup
Stone soup
Man 2:   Is it good?
Kim:       It's very good. It's GREAT with meat and carrots, but I haven't got any meat or carrots.
Man 2:   Meat and carrots? Wait a minute.
Bob:       Look, Kim! He's going to the shop.
Soon the man was back at the fire-He had some meat and carrots.
Man 2:   Here's some meat for your soup. And here are some carrots.
Kim:       Thank you.
Soon the soup was ready.
Kim:       Let's eat the soup now. Be careful! Don't eat the stone!
Bob:       The soup IS great, Kim!
Woman: I like stone soup!
Man 2:   It's fantastic! The meat and carrots are great.

A lot of people in the village had the stone soup. But not all of the people had it...
Man 1:   I want some stone soup. I can give you some money.
Bob:       I'm sorry. There's no soup now.
Kim:       That's OK. Here's a stone. Now YOU can make stone soup.

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