George and the Dragon (Джорж и Дракон)+видео

Characters:Man 1,Woman 1,Author,King,Sabra,Una,George 
For years and years, the dragon was asleep. And then ...
Man 1:     Look! It's a dragon. 
Woman 1: Run to the city!

The people were behind the city walls. The terrible dragon was outside. It was veryf very hungry.
Ten days later, the King was sad.
King:       The dragon is still hungry, but we haven't got food for it. In this hat I've got the names of all the people in the city. Tomorrow, one person goes to the dragon. Please choose a name, Princess Sabra.
Sabra:      It is my name, Father.
King:       Tomorrow in the morning, Princess Sabra goes outside the city.

That night Sabra's sister, Una, had an idea.
Sabra:     Where are you going, sister?
Una:        The dragon is sleeping. I'm going for help.

Twenty minutes later, Una was outside the city walls. She was in the woods for hours and hours.
Una:        There's a knight! He's sleeping  under a tree! 
George:   What's the matter? 
Una:        Please help us. There's a terrible  dragon outside my city.
George:   My name is George. Take me  to this dragon.

It was morning. Una and George were outside the city.
Una: There's Sabra! She's walking to the dragon.
George:   Go to the city, Una. Wait there.

George was scared. The dragon had a terrible long tail. It had big sharp teeth. George was scared, but he was brave.
Una:   Who is the winner?

Then there was a knock at the door.
Woman 1:The dragon! It's the dragon! 
Man 1:     Help us!
King:       Who's there? 
George:    It's George. The dragon is dead!Sabra is alive!
People:    Hurray! Hurray for George!

And today, hundreds of years later, people still remember the story of Saint George.

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