Winx (Клуб волшебниц Winx)

                                               Scene 1   (Девочки приходят на пикник.)

Laila: Wow! What a wonderful weather!
Timmy: Yes! That`s good time for picnic!
Laila: Where are our boys? Let`s phone them.
Timmy: That`s good idea! Have you got their numbers?
Laila: Yes. (достает телефон) Stormy, Hi! It`s Laila. We`re going to go to picnic. Do you want to join us? O.K.   
                                                    Scene 2   (Мальчики приходят на пикник)
Timmy: Hello, Laila. Nice to see you. What a pretty dress.
Laila: Thank you!
(Садятся за столик)
Laila: Do you want apple?
Timmy: Sure! Thanks a lot!
Laila: Look! Somebody is coming.
Timmy: I don`t know this girl!
Stormy: Hello, guys! I need to talk to Laila! 
Laila: I`m Laila. What`s wrong?
Stormy: Faragonda asked me to find you. She`s got a special message for you. We should go  right now!
Laila: So… It`s very interesting! OK, let`s go! Timmy wait for me. I`ll be back in one hour!
                         Scene 3 ( Timmy остается один.)
Timmy: Where`s Laila? I hope everything is all right. I`m very nervous… I must find her!
                                            Scene 4 (Он приходит в замок Stormy.) 
Timmy: Stormy leave her! Don`t touch her!
Stormy: It isn`t so simple! First answer my question! But be careful! It`s very difficult! You`ve got only one chance! Are you ready?           
Timmy: I`m ready!
Stormy: It`s grey, it`s big. It has no wings. It has four legs. It isn`t ant.
Timmy: Think…think… I know! It`s an elephant!
Stormy: No!!! I can`t believe that!
Laila: Thank you! You are my real friend!!!

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