Story (как написать историю)


1. Two days before the end of the course,
    there  was a fire at the school.

2. When it started...

3. I didn`t hear... at first.

4. To begin with, I wasn`t worried.

5. Suddenly, I smelt smoke.

6. Just then, she came in.

7. Luckily, the smoke wasn`t too bad.

8. So, then we...

9. While we were going down...

10. Straightaway, she took off...

11. Anyway, by the time we got into...

12.  In the end, we were O.K.


1. За два дня до окончания курса в школе случился

2. Когда это началось...

3. Я не слышал... сначала.

4. В начале я не беспокоился.

5. Внезапно, я почувствовал запах дыма.

6. Только потом она вошла.

7. К счастью, дым не был  слишком густым.

8. Так что, потом мы...

9. Пока мы спускались...

10. Сразу же она сняла...

11. В любом случае, к тому времени мы попали в …

12. В конце, с нами все было в порядке.


В начале истории поведайте о месте или времени события. В нескольких предложениях дайте краткое описание истории. Затем погружайтесь в детали, организуя текст, используя вышеприведенные фразы. Язык написания неформальный. В истории Вы можете передавать свои эмоции и впечатления. От этого она будет становиться еще красочнее и интереснее.


        Two days before the end of the course, there  was a fire at the school. When it started, I was in our room listening to my MP3 player. I didn`t hear the alarm at first because my music was a bit loud. To begin with, I wasn`t worried because the fire alarm sometimes goes off.
      Suddenly, I smelt smoke. Just then, Gwen came in. She didn`t panic but said calmly, “There`s a fire. Let`s get out of here!” She told me to put a wet T-shirt round my face and crawl along the floor. Luckily, the smoke wasn`t to bad. The sprinklers were going but I couldn`t see any flames. So, then we crawled to the fire escape and got out. While we were going down the fire escape, we saw Benson in a window on the first floor. Straightaway, Gwen took off her shoe and broke the window to get him out.
         Anyway, by the time we got into the garden, we could hear the fire engine and ambulance coming. They gave us a check-up and in the end we were okay.


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