The sentence. Exercises-3


  Exercise 1. Напишите утвердительные и отрицательные ответы на следующие вопросы:

1. Have you done your work? 2. Does she know him? 3. Can you help me? 4. Do you want to go there? 5. Was he surprised to see him? 6. Aren’t you cold? 7. Haven’t you spoken to the secretary yet? 8. Can’t you prepare your work now? 9. Didn’t you come by car? 10. Doesn’t he speak French? 11. Won’t he come tonight? 12. Wasn’t he at the office yesterday?


  Exercise 2. Переведите на английский язык: 


1. Вы знаете Дэна? - Да, знаю. 2. Видели ли вы этот спектакль? - Нет, не видел. 3. Будете ли вы дома сегодня вечером? — Да, буду. 4. Эта книга вам нравится? - Да, нравится. 5. Вы ходите пешком в университет? - Да, я всегда хожу пешком. 6. Вы когда-нибудь видели эту пьесу? - Нет, никогда не видел. 7. Не можете ли вы придти сюда завтра? - Да, могу. 8. Не хотите ли вы пойти со мной в театр сегодня вечером? 9. Не знаете ли вы, где Дима? 10. Не слыхали ли вы, когда Андрей возвращается в Санкт-Петербург? 11. Не поможете ли вы мне перевести эту статью? 12. Разве вы не знаете об этом? - Нет, знаю. 13. Неужели он не говорил вам об этом? - Нет, не говорил. 14. Разве он не умеет говорить по-немецки? - Нет, не умеет. 15. Неужели вы не читали этой книги? - Нет, читал.


  Exercise 3. Допишите следующие предложения, образуя расчлененные вопросы:

1. She looks like you,...? 2. It isn’t cold today,...? 3. You saw him at the club yesterday, ...? 4. They won’t come today, ...? 5. You haven’t bought your ticket yet, ...? 6. You play piano, ...? 7. You will travel by plane, ...? 8. He can’t speak English, ...? 9. She ought to go there at once, ...? 10. They are not in town, ...? 11. We shall see you tomorrow, ...? 12. You don’t know her, ...?

Напишите два ответа на каждый вопрос: выражающий 1) согласие с говорящим и 2) несогласие с ним:

1. They aren’t waiting for me, are they? 2. She doesn’t play guitar, does she? 3. He isn’t injured, is he? 4. You haven’t caught a cold, have you? 5. He can’t translate the text without a dictionary, can he? 6. You weren’t late, were you? 7. The children ought not to be here, ought they? 8. You don’t have to go yet, do you? 9. She hasn’t any mistakes in her test, has she?

Переведите на английский язык:

1. Он очень честный человек, не правда ли? - Да, честный. 2. Он не вернулся еще в Санкт-Петербург, не правда ли? - Нет, вернулся. 3. Он будет завтра в институте, не правда ли? - Да, будет. 4. Вы не говорили с директором по этому вопросу, не правда ли? - Да, не говорил. 5. Он не знает китайского языка, не правда ли? - Да, не знает. 6. Она еще не окончила университет, не правда ли? - Нет, окончила. 7. Он не сможет сделать эту работу в такой короткий срок, не правда ли? - Нет, сможет.


  Exercise 4. Напишите вопросы к выделенным жирным шрифтом членам предложения: 


1. Не wore a straw hat. 2. The cover of this book is made of leather. 3. They invited my father and me. 4. Wheat grows in warm climates. 5. These children want to take part in the expedition. 6. I shall speak to the manager about it. 7. The buyers were interested in the purchase of 5,000 tons of fuel oil. 8. The suppliers sent a telegram to the buyers. 9. I shall discuss the matter with the chief engineer. 10. An English ton contains 1,016 kilograms. 11. The cargo will be discharged in St.Petersburg. 12. Some bags were damaged by sea water. 13. Thirty cases of spare parts are ready for shipment. 14. A hundred bags were taken to the warehouse. 15. The steamer could not be unloaded yesterday because of the storm. 16. Helen is my mother. 17. He is a bookkeeper. 18. The distance between that village and Moscow is 60 kilometres.

Ответьте на следующие вопросы: 

1. Who teaches you English? 2. Who wrote HamleP. 3. Who’ll come to the pictures with me? 4. Which of you knows the shortest way to the station? 5. How many of you can speak English fluently? 6. Who is that man? 7. What is he? 8. What is she like? 9. What is Alushta like?

Переведите на английский язык: 

1. Когда вы купили этот телевизор? 2. С кем вы ездили на юг? 3. О ком вы разговариваете? 4. Кому вы дали ваш учебник? 5. Сколько у вас английских книг? 6. Какие вы видели фильмы в Москве? 7. Кто преподает вам английский язык? - Г-жа Грей. 8. Сколько человек участвовало в этой экспедиции? - Около ста человек. 9; Кто ректор, декан вашего института? - Иванов. 10. Кто ваш брат? - Он врач. 11. Кто этот молодой человек? - Это мой брат. 12. Каковы ваши планы на лето? 13. Каково ваше мнение по этому вопросу? 14. Что собой представляет этот город?


  Exercise 5. Переведите на англййский язык:

1. Какой он честный человек! 2. Как это странно! 3. Как он хорошо играет на рояле! 4. Какой крепкий кофе вы пьете! 5. Какой свежий воздух! 6. Какую трудную статью вы нам дали! 7. Как тепло сегодня! 8. Как приятно вставать рано летом! 9. Как он хорошо говорит по-английски! 10. Какие прекрасные здания! 11. Какая красивая улица!









Exercise 1. 1. Yes, I have. No, I haven’t. 2. Yes, she does. No, she doesn’t. 3. Yes, I can. No, 1 can’t. 4. Yes, I do. No, I don’t. 5. Yes, he was. No, he wasn’t. 6. Yes, I am. No, I’m not. 7. Yes, I have. No, I haven’t. 8. Yes, I can. No, I can’t. 9. Yes, I did. No, I didn’t. 10. Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t. 11. Yes, he will. No, he won’t. 12. Yes, he was. No, he wasn't.

Exercise 2. 1. Do you know Den? - Yes, I do. 2. Have you seen this perfomance? - No, I haven’t. 3. Will you be at home tonight? - Yes, I will. 4. Do you like this book? - Yes, I, do. 5. Do you walk to the University? - Yes, I always do. 6. Have you ever seen this play? - No, I never have. 7. Can you come here tomorrow? - Yes, I can. 8. Do you want to go to the theatre with me tonight? 9. Do you know where Dima is? 10. Have you heard when Andrew returns to St.Petersburg? 11. Will you help me to translate this article? 12. Don’t you know about it? - Yes, I do. 13. Didn’t he tell you about it? - No, he didn’t. 14. Can’t he speak German? - No, he can’t. 15. Haven’t you read this book? - Yes, I have.

Exercise 3. 1. ... doesn’t she? 2. ... is it? 3. ... didn’t you?.4. ... will they? 5. ... have you? 6. ... don't you? 7. ... won't you? 8. ... can he? 9. ... oughtn’t she? 10. ... aren’t they? 11. ... shan’t we? 12. ... do you?

1. No, they aren’t. Yes, they are. 2. No, she doesn’t. Yes, she does. 3. No, he isn’t. Yes, he is. 4. No, I haven’t. Yes, I have. 5. No, he can’t. Yes, he can. 6. No, I wasn’t. Yes, I was. 7. No, they oughtn’t (to). Yes, they ought (to). 8. No, I don’t. Yes, I do. 9. No, she hasn’t. Yes, she has.

1. He is a very honest man, isn’t he? - Yes, he is. 2. He hasn’t come back to St.Petersburg yet, has he? - Yes, he has. 3. He’ll be at the Institute tomorrow, won’t he? - Yes, he will. 4. You haven’t spoken to the director on this question, have you? - No, I haven’t. 5. He doesn’t know Chinise, does he? - No, he doesn’t 6. She hasn’t graduated from the University yet, has she? - Yes, she has. 7. He won’t be able to do this work in such a short time, will he? - Yes, he will.

Exercise 4. 1. What hat did he wear? 2. What is made of leather? What is the cover of this book made of? (or: Of what is the cover of this book made?) 3. Who(m) did they invite? 4. What grows in warm climates? Where does sugar cane grow? 5. Who wants to take part in the expedition? 6, Who(m) will you speak to about it? (or: To whom will you speak about it?) 7. What were the buyers interested in? (or: In what were the buyers interested?) 8. Who sent a telegram to the buyers? Who(m) did the suppliers send a telegram to? (or:To whom did the suppliers send a telegram?). 9. Who(m) will you discuss the matter with? (or: With whom will you discuss the matter?) 10. How many kilograms does an English ton contain? 11. Where will the cargo be discharged? 12. What was damaged by sea water? What were some bags damaged by? (or: By what were some bags damaged?) 13. What is reSdy for shipment? 14. How many bags were taken to the warehouse? 15. Why couldn’t the steamer be unloaded yesterday? 16. Who is Helen? 17. What is the distance between that village and Moscow?

1. Mr. Brown does (or: My friend does, My brother does, etc.). 2. Shakespeare did. 3. I shall (or: He, She will, etc.), 4. I do (or: Petrov does, etc.). 5. Two of us can (All of us can, None of us can, etc.). 6. He is Petrov (or: He is my brother, etc.). 7. He is a doctor (or: He is an engineer, etc.). 8. She is tall and dark (or: She is a very kind woman, She is a highly educated woman, etc.). 9. Alushta is a very pretty little town right on the seashore.

1. When did you buy this TV set? 2. Who(m) did you go with to the south? (ас With whom did you go to the south?) 3. Who(m) are you speaking about? (or: About whom are you speaking?) 4. Who(m) did you give your text-book to? (or: To whom did you give your text-bOok?) 5. How many English books have you (or: have you got)? 6. Which films did you see in Moscow? 7. Who teaches you English? - Mrs. Grey does. 8. How many people took part in this expedition? - About a hundred people did. 9. Who is (the) dean of your institute? - Ivanov is. 10. What is your brother? - He is a doctor. 11. Who is this young man? - He is my brother. 12. What are your plans for the summer? 13. What is your opinion on this question? 14. What is this town like?

Exercise 5. 1. What an honest man he is! 2. How strange it is! 3. How well he plays the piano! 4. What strong coffee you are drinking! 5. What fresh air! 6. What a difficult article you have given us! 7. How warm it is today! 8. How pleasant it is to get up early in summer! 9. How well he speaks English! 10. What fine buildings! 11. What a beautiful street!



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