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Petrov Vladimir


Date of birth 02/08/10 living in Anapa ,str. Lenina42has been studying English at courses of English «English club» since 13.04. 2011.

During the study he has shown himself to be responsible and trustworthy,both as a personal friend and as a valuable member of the group. Vladimir got only "good" or "excellent" marks. He has successfully donethe course «Chatterbox 1". At present he is doing the course using the course book «Chatterbox 2".

Vladimir is known as a very reliable and helpful student. He is actively involved in social and artistic life ofhis group.
He does not create any conflicts. If there are any, he always tries to resolve them peacefully.
He respects his teachers responding positively to the comments, fixes them and tries not to make mistakes in the future. 

Director of Courses 
of English«English club» Sergeeva Irina Sergeevna  _________






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