Согласие на выезд ребенка





I am citizen Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich;

date of birth: 06 May 1974;

passport: 03 01 604392 issued on 22.03.2002 by UVD of Anapsky rayon

Krasnodarsky krai, code 232-019

registered at: Russia, Anapa, 12 mikrorayon,house 50,flat 45 give my consent to

the departure of my son Ivanov Sergey Ivanovich,

date of birth: 03 March 1998 with 

Sergeeva Irina Sergeevna, date of birth 02 June 1976,passport 62 №3254954 

issued on 01.08.2011 by FMS 119 to the Great Britain from 20.07.2012  to 


Adoption or delay of Ivanov Sergey Ivanovich out of the territory of the

Russian Federation, including the Great Britain is not allowed.

I was explained and understand the articles 20-23 of the Federal Law “On 

procedure for entrance to the RF and departure from the RF”.

The city of Anapa 07.05.2012

I, Asvaturov Sergey Ivanovich, Notary in the city of Anapa, hereby certify

the authenticity of the signatures of  Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, which was made in

my presence. His identity and capacity is confirmed.


     Registration № 2-1128


     Collected under rate 1000 rubles

     Notary                                                                 Asvaturov S. I.



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