Toby 3

Unit 1. A party

(Apple, banana, cool, Friday, chocolate, school, plum, chewing gum, hot dog, cola, pop corn, crisps, cake, hamburger, orange juice)

Unit 2. Mascots

(Ring, silver bells, soft toys, friendship bands, shells, necklace, elephant, dog)

Unit 3. Dreams

(Spider, ghost, friend, snake, pony)

Unit 4. What do you collect?

(Sticker, autographs, football picture, postcard, stamp, comics, photo, soft toy)

Unit 5. Time

(Quater past ten, 5 to nine …....)

Unit 6.

Life in Arctic

(Walks, stop, run up, polar bear, top, arctic, swim, live, snowy owl, arctic fox, seal, lemming, arctic hare)

Unit 7. Television

(Cartoons, detective film, sports program, science fiction film, romantic film, nature program) (отработкa времени)

Unit 8. In town

(There, left, right, turn, see you, late, next to, opposite, straight ahead, police station, park, tourist office, post office, hospital, museum, bus stop, church, train station)

Unit 9. Adventure

(Cave, getting into fight, monster, the dark, thunderstorm, aliens, horror films, earthquake, ant hill, ants, fantastic, great, interesting, boring)

Unit 10.

On the beach

(Play, lots of, weather, beach, water, riding a jet-ski, buying a drink, making a phone call, listening to music, collecting shells, fishing, snorkeling, putting on a mask, putting on flippers, flying a kite, eating ice-cream).

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