Тексты для аудирования ЕГЭ 4 класс

 Тексты для аудирования

Part 1 (5 items)

A: This is the picture of my friend’s family. They are all out in the garden, which is behind their house.

B: And who is that boy with a ball?

A: That’s Tom. He is my friend. He’s ten. He has a sister. Her name is Alice. She is ten too. And she likes to play with her dog.

B: And look at that man in the armchair with a book in his hands. Is he your friend’s brother?

A: Oh no. That is Tom’s father. His brother is the man in a dark T-shirt. His name is Peter. He speaks with a postman. He is Tom’s elder brother. He is nineteen.

B: And who are those two girls looking at the flowers?

A: Oh, one of them is Tom’s mother. She is on the left. And the other is Tom’s elder sister, Ann. And she’s on the right.

Part 2 (5 items)

Hello, my name is Helen Brown. Only yesterday I was nine and today I’m ten because today is my birthday. And I’m glad that today is Sunday and not Monday or Friday because on Sundays I don’t go to school. But my school friends are coming to my birthday party. It’s 1 o’clock now and my birthday party begins at 2 o’clock. But my friend Kate will come at 3. She and her parents went to see Kate’s grandmother. I already got my present from my parents. It wasn’t a dress like last year or a CD player like the one they gave my brother for his birthday. It’s a bicycle. I like to ride my bicycle. I also like to read. I know that my school friends will give me books with some of my favourite stories. I like books better than videos or music.

Part 3 (5 items)

1. I like the house my friend Phillip lives in. It’s of dark colour and quite big. It has four windows on the front wall.

2. A: Who is your uncle?

B: He is not very tall and he is not slim. He has a hat on.

3. A: Did you have any breakfast this morning?

B: Yes, but just an egg and a glass of milk.

4. A: Look. What’s the weather like today?

B: Oh, it’s warm and sunny.

5. A: Which bus goes to the Zoo?

B: OK, number 11 goes to the shop, number 9 to the school, then it must be number 15 or 17… Oh yes, 17.


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