Письменная часть ЕГЭ 4 класс

Раздел « Письменная речь» (31-40)

Прочтите письмо от друга по переписке и напишите ответ на отдельном листочке по образцу, дополнив письмо.

Your friend's letter:

Answer this letter using the following model:

Dear Friend,

My name is Paul. I am ten and I go to school.

My birthday is on the 12th of March.

I live with my Mum and Dad.

I like to play football with my friends and listen to the music.

I like summer. It’s hot and sunny in summer.

I can swim well and often go to swim.

I have a cat. My cat’s name is Tom. Tom is funny.

My favourite food is ice-cream.

And what about you? I hope to get a letter from you soon!



Dear ________________________  (31)

Thank you for your letter.

My name is__________________    (32)

I am________________________   (33)

My birthday is________________    (34)

I like to______________________   (35)

I like _______________________    (36)

I can________________________   (37)

I have_______________________   (38)

My favourite food is ___________     (39)

Best wishes,

_________                                         (40)

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