Way ahead 2

1a Приветствие                                         
1b What is this? Who is this?

2a Family
2b These, that, those, this

3a Animals
3b Paint food and sing a song (I like ice-cream)

4a Hobby
4b Possessive case

5a Colours, numbers and adjective (antonyms)
5b At the beach (crossword)

6a Present Simple interrogative
    (short answers + picture)

6b I have + clothes and colours

7a Time
7b “My day”

8a  Jobs
8b “My week”

9a Preposition of place
9b Adverbs (loudly, quietly, quickly, slowly)

10a Answer the questions ( I am / I`m not;
                                            I can / I can`t)
10b Story about myself

11a Countries + languages
11b Wild animals and places where they live

12a Fruit and vegetables (crossword)
12b Shopping (conversation)

13a Weather
13b Months

14a -
14b There are / is / fruit / prepositions

15a Mine / his / yours / hers
15b Answers – questions (very interesting)

16a  Present Continuous (short answers)
16b  Present Continuous (verbs)

17a  Present Continuous (crossword – verbs)
17b  To be

18a Time (clock)
18b Prepositions of place (with a rabbit)

19a Ordinal numbers (1 st)
19b Present Continuous (verbs)

20a Words into boxes (fruit, numbers, animals)
20b The goodbye song
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