Reported speech - questions(Косвенная речь - вопросы)

Reported speech

(Different sentences)


1.He asked, “Do you know her?”

(общий вопрос)

2.He asked, “What do you know about her?”

(специальный вопрос)



1.He asked if/whether I knew her.


2.He asked what I knew about her.



He asked, “Do you like my new clothes?”


He asked, “Where are my keys?”


He asked, “Who is your favourite singer?”


He asked, “Where were you?”


He asked, “Can you help me?”


He asked, “Have you seen Kim?”


He asked, “When will you return?”


He asked, “Are you sleeping?”


He asked, “What will you be doing?”


He asked, “Were you sleeping all day?”


He asked, “May I go out?”


He asked, “Shall I read?”




1.He said to me, “Stop it!”

(Утвердительный приказ)


2.He said to me, “Don't stop it!”

(Отрицательный приказ)


1.He ordered me to stop it.



2.He ordered me not to stop it.



He said to me, “Get out of the house!”


He said to me, “Do it for me!”


He said to me, “Don't touch it!”


He said to me, “Don't listen to him!”


He said to me, “Help me!”


He said to me, “Don't close the window!”


He said to me, “Put your things away!”


He said to me, “Don't go!”


He said to me, “Don't let him go!”


He said to me, “Leave me alone!”


He said to me, “Finish the exercise!”



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