Curly Sue (Кудряшка Сью)

Curly Sue
Sue and her father are at the restaurant
Father:Table for two, please. Nonsmoking. By the window, if you have it.
(The restaurant stuff made them leave.)
Sue:Daddy,we are still hungry.
Father: All right, take this stick...and l want you to crack me right on the top of the head, all right?
Sue:Forget it.
Father:Honey, you have to do it. lt's not going to hurt me, l swear. We talked about this all the way from Detroit.
Sue:Yeah, but that was talking. Talking is different than doing.
Father: We have to do the doing, not the talking. Come on.
Sue: You're going to cry.
Father:Have you ever seen me cry, honey?
Sue:No, but l've seen you sad.
Father: That's not crying, is it?
Sue: You can cry and not feel sad, just like you can feel sad and not cry.
Father: Now, come on. We've got to hurry with this. We've got things to do, all right? Now, however much you love me...that's how hard you hit me, okay?
Sue:l love you a lot.
Father: Well, then... the harder you hit me, the more l know you love me.
Father: That a girl.
At the garage  
Кудряшка Сью
Кудряшка Сью

Father: Dinner.
(Sue is hitting the Dorris's car and Father is lying near it. The car stops.)
Sue:You killed my daddy!
Dorris: Help! l hit a man with my car.

At the cafe
(Dorris is ordering pizza.)
Father: We don't steal.
Sue:But we cheat.
Father: A little, but we don't steal.
Sue:We lie.  A little more than we cheat, but that's not right, either.
Father: Right, we don't steal, and we don't break any laws.
Sue: Some laws we do.
Father: Not the good ones.
Sue:This stinks like trouble.
Dorris: She's a pretty little girl. You must be very proud.
Father: l'm extremely grateful for your kindness, ma'am.
Dorris: Good night, and good luck.
Father: We'd like to repay you for the meal.
Dorris: That's not necessary.
Sue: We didn't get nothing but dinner. She looked like $50 for sure.
Father: We take what we get. That's just the kind of lady you should be praying for to be your mom.
Sue: Why? Who needs a mom?
Father: You don't have a mom, and you came out all right. Grab some napkins and use the washroom.
Sue: Okay.
Father: Go brush your teeth.
Sue:l brushed my teeth in Detroit.
Father: So you brush your teeth in Chicago now.
Sue: Okay.

Near the garage again
Father: Look, we're going to wait in the garage...we'll look like we're doing some business, and if she comes out...if she feels kind, we'll take her kindness. And if she doesn't come out--
Sue:We freeze our nuts off. 
Father: You don't have any nuts to freeze off, honey.
Sue: Come on, baby. What's the matter? This is the place. Let's go.
(Dorris hits father again.)
Sue: Now you've really killed him!
 At Dorris's

(Sue is eating pizza.)
Sue:This is very excellent. l never knew pizza was so good when it was hot. Think Bill would want some?
Dorris: l think Bill's better off resting. You keep eating, and l'll go see how he is, okay?
Sue:Okay. Tell him to hold on...and tell him to be strong and don't leave me.
Dorris:He's going to be all right. He's not going anywhere.

Кудряшка Сью
Кудряшка Сью
At the bedroom

Dorris:lt's me.
Father:Where am l?
Dorris:ln my apartment. l hit you with my car.
Father:ls it yesterday?
Dorris:l hit you again.
Father:Where's my child?
Dorris:She's in the kitchen eating pizza. Your daughter's had a bath, and l have a room ready for her. l'd like you two at least stay the night.
Father: You're a saint.
Dorris:There are fresh towels in the bathroom. l'll see that your daughter gets to bed.
Father:Thank you.
Dorris:l have the apartment wired for security. There's a man downstairs. l need only touch a button. l don't mean to be harsh or unkind...but l don't know you, and you're in my home.
Father: l understand, ma'am. l'm no criminal.
Dorris: Good night.
Father: Good night.
Dorris is taking Sue out of the orphanage

Dorris:Let's get out of here, okay?
Sue:Okay. Am l out of this jam for good?
Dorris: Almost. They have to run a check on your family.
Sue:That's easy. There isn't any.
Dorris: Then they'll run a check on me, and if everything...meets with their approval,
l'll get temporary custody. And then, with your permission, we'll start the adoption proceedings.
Sue: What does Bill say?
Dorris: He can't adopt you, honey. Not now, anyway.
Sue: Because he's shiftless.
Dorris: t's more complicated than that. Anyway, it doesn't matter..because l'll have you and he'll be with me.
Sue: Why didn't he come with you?
Dorris: He had to work.
Sue: You know that for sure?
Dorris:That's what he said. Why?
Sue:You don't have to be a genius to figure it out. He got me a mother, didn't he? He can leave anytime he wants now.
Dorris: Here is the letter for you from your father.
Sue:l can't read it.
Dorris:lt says:''l'm in the living room.''
Father:Hi. Come here.(Everybody is hugging.) 

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