Passive form. Exercises (Упражнения на пассив)


Exercise 1 Замените следующие действительные обороты страдательными:

1. Russian scientists make wonderful discoveries. 2. Glinka composed the opera “Ivan Susanin”. 3. This mine will produce large quantities of coal this year. 4. A railway line connects the village with the town. 5. Who has written this book? 6. A well-known architect designed this theatre. 7. The students read the text aloud. 8. The teacher will correct the student’s composition. 9. The workers are discharging the steamer. 10. The director has just signed the letter. 11. The committee must discuss this question immediately. 12. The Customs officer is counting the cases. 13. The accountant must check the invoice. 14. When he entered the room, the legal adviser was checking the contract. 15, The manufacturers can deliver the machine at the end of the month. 16. The agent must inform the buyers of the arrival of the steamer. 17. As the buyers had not opened a letter of credit, we could not ship the goods.

Exercise 2 Поставьте глаголы, стоящие в скобках, в требуемом по смыслу времени:

1. Don’t enter the room! A student (to examine) there. 2. The event (to report) by the magazines before they arrived home. 3. After the accident he (to take) immediately home. 4. The letter (to type) by the typist when I came in. 5.1 am sure that his work (to complete) by the end of the ear. 6. Some new magazines just (to bring). Would you like to look them through? 7. The exercises usually (to correct) by the teacher at home. 8. I can't show you my written work as it not (to return) by my teacher. 9. Many new houses (to build) in our city lately. 10. We think that the ship (to charter) next week. 11. They will pay the money as soon as the goods (to deliver). 12. The goods not (to examine) yet at the customhouse. When they (to examine)? 13. The problem which (to discuss) now at the conference is very important. 14. This bridge (to build) in 1945. 15. The contract (to type) before the director comes to the office. 16. Important scientific work (to carry on) by that institute. 17. All the students (to examine) by ten o’clock. 18. The documents not (to sign) yet by the manager. They (to check) now. 19. She (to frighten) by a loud noise in the street.

Exercise 3 В следующих предложениях подчеркните одной чертой времена страдательного залога и двумя чертами составное сказуемое. Переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. The knife is made of steel. 2. Knives are generally made of steel. 3. These books are sold everywhere. 4. These houses are sold out. 5. As my watch was broken, I had to buy a new one. 6. The cheese was cut with a sharp knife. 7. When I came home, I saw that my son’s finger was cut to the bone. 8. The roof of my house is painted every year. 9. The roof my house is painted red. 10. When I arrived at the port all the cases were packed. 11. The cases were packed by skilled workers. 12. The letter is written in ink. 13. The shop is usually closed at 6 o'clock. 14. The bakery is closed as today is Sunday.



Exercise 4 Переведите на английский язык:

1. Подписано ли это письмо? 2. Это письмо только что подписано директором. 3. Соглашение уже заключено. 4. Это соглашение недавно заключено. 5. Товары еще не доставлены. 6. Товары доставлены сегодня самолетом. 7. Этот вопрос еще не исследован. 8. Погружены ли товары? 9. Это здание полностью восстановлено. 10. Ящики пересчитаны. Их можно отвезти на склад. 11. Это здание было только что построено, когда мы приехали в Киев. 12. Когда мы приехали в Киев, там было много домов, которые были разрушены. 13. Когда пришел директор, все было готово: документы были проверены, и письма были напечатаны. 14. Дом был отремонтирован, забор был покрашен, и много новых цветов было посажено в саду к тому времени, когда он вернулся. 15. Когда вы позвонили по телефону, работа была только что закончена. 16. Вам не придется ждать. Документы будут проверены и письма напечатаны, когда вы придете.

Exercise 5 Переведите на русский язык:

1. Scientific articles are often published in this magazine. 2. The new film is being demonstrated in all the big cinemas of St.Petersburg. 3. This book has been recommended to us by our teacher. 4. The contract is being typed. 5. Have you been asked about it? 6. The contract is typed. You can read it. 7. The article is written in French. 8. The letter has not been posted yet. 9. A new school has been built in that town lately. It is built of brick, 10. A great number of new houses are built in Moscow every year. 11. When will the machines be delivered to us? 12. That bridge was designed by a well-known architect. 13. The steamer will be discharged tomorrow. 14. While the goods were being prepared for shipment, we were looking for a suitable steamer. 15. A new railway is being built in that region. 16. He was warmly thanked for his help. 17. Has the contract been checked by the legal adviser?

Exercise 6 Переведите на английский язык:

1. Первая часть этой книги печатается в Санкт-Петербурге, а вторая часть будет печататься в Москве. 2. Когда был построен этот театр? 3. В нашем городе сейчас строится новый вокзал. 4. Наш завод оборудован современными машинами. 5. Его скоро пошлют в США. 6. Его спросили, где он живет. 7. Я думаю, что этот дом будет построен к июлю.8. Он уедет из Москвы, когда договор будет подписан. 9. Договор был уже подписан, прежде чем он приехал. 10. Где будет построена новая библиотека? 11. Что производится на этой фабрике? 12. Эти книги продаются во всех книжных магазинах Москвы. 13. Он сможет прочесть эту статью, если она будет переведена на английский язык. 14. Этот завод только что переоборудован. 15. Новый мост строится около вокзала. 16. Библиотека была закрыта, так как было уже восемь часов. 17. Письмо не может быть отправлено сегодня, так как оно еще не подписано директором. 18. Московский Государственный Университет основан в 1755 году. 19. Книги и учебники печатаются на 119 языках. 20. После того как ящики были распакованы, мы обнаружили, что некоторые части машины были сломаны во время перевозки.

Exercise 7 Переведите на русский язык:

1. Не was shown the way to the station. 2. She was told the news when she returned home. 3. They were offered the goods at a high price. 4. Thp buyers were granted a credit of three months. 5. They have been given detailed instructions and have been told to fulfil them at once. 6. Children are taught foreign languages at school. 7. They are paid twice a month. 8. He was offered some interesting work. 9. He was promised immediate help.

Переведите на английский язык:

1. Мне еще ничего не говорили об этом. 2. Мне говорили, что его пригласили работать в нашем институте. 3. Им обещали информацию по этому вопросу. 4. Мне предложили билет на концерт, но я отказался. 5. Мне дали этот каталог на заводе. 6. Студентам медицинских институтов преподают латинский язык. 7. Им показали лаборатории и библиотеку Университета. 8. Если мне предложат этот проект, я, конечно, соглашусь. 9/ На днях мне рассказали очень интересную историю. 10. Нам сказали, что он уехал на завод и что его ожидают не раньше 10 часов. 11. Мне вчера показывали очень хорошие снимки Санкт-Петербурга.

Exercise 8 Переведите на русский язык:

1. My watch is fast, it cannot be relied upon. 2. Why was he laughed at? 3. He is always listened to with great interest. 4.1 have never been spoken to like that before. 5. She is very well spoken of. 6. The doctor who was immediately sent for said that the sick man must be taken to the hospital. 7. Yesterday I saw the film which is so much spoken about. 8. His warning was not taken notice of. 9.1 should like to read the article referred to by the teacher. 10. When was he sent for? 11. This subject will be dealt with in the next chapter. 12. He promised that the matter would be looked into.

Переведите на английский язык:

1. Над ним смеялись, когда он сделал это. 2. На них смотрели с большим интересом, когда они появились в комнате. 3. Послали ли уже за ними? 4. На эту статью часто ссылаются. 5. Об этой книге очень много говорят. 6. На него можно положиться. 7. Я уверен, что его будут слушать с большим вниманием. 8. Когда машина пропала из вида, мы пошли домой. 9. Я надеюсь, что их спору будет скоро положен конец.

Exercise 9 Переведите на русский язык:

1. The meeting was attended by thousands of people. 2. That law was soon followed by another one. 3. These books are needed by all our students. 4. The basketball game was watched with great interest. 5. The letter will be answered tomorrow. 6. At the foot of mountain we were joined by a group of tourists.

Переведите на английский язык:

1. Исследовательская работа ведется во всех институтах нашей страны. 2. Русский Музей в Санкт-Петербурге, который был поврежден во время войны, теперь полное восстановлен. 3. Лес перевозится на специальных судах, называемых лесовозами. 4. Мне говорили вчера, что его пригласили работать на заводе. 5. Для педагогов, работающих в сельских местностях, строятся жилые дома. 6. На его книги часто ссылаются. 7. Соглашение было достигнуто после долгих переговоров. 8. На эти сведения можно положиться. 9. Заключение соглашения комментировалось в газетах. 10. Им предоставлен долгосрочный кредит. 11. Больного будут оперировать, как только родственники дадут согласие.












Упражнение 1

1. Wonderful discoveries are being made by Russian scientists. 2. The opera “Ivai Susanin” was composed by Glinka. 3. Large quantities of coal will be produced by this mine this year. 4. The village is connected with the town by a railway line. 5. By whom was this book written? (or: Who(m) was this book written by?). 6. This theatre was designei by a well-known architect. 7. The text was read aloud by the student. 8. The student’s composition will be corrected by the teacher. 9. The steamer is being discharged by the workers10. The letter has just been signed by the director. 11. This question must be discussed by the committee immediately. 12. The cases are being counted by the Customs officer. 13. The invoice must be checked by the accountant. 14. When he entered the room the contract was being checked by the legal adviser. 15. The machine can be delivered by the manufacturer at the end of the month. 16. The buyers must be informed by the agent about the arrive of the steamer. 17. As a letter of credit had not been opened by the buyers, the goods could not be shipped by us.

Упражнение 2

1. ... A student is being examined .... 2. The event had been reported ... . 3. ... he was taken ... . 4. The letter was being typed (or: had been typed) ... . 5. ... his work will have been completed .... 6. Some new magazines have just been brought. 7. The exercise are usually corrected .... 8.... it has not been returned .... 9. Many new houses have been built ... .10. ... the ship will be chartered ... . 11. ... as the goods will be delivered 12. The goods have not been examined ... ; ... will they be examined? 13. ... which is being discussed ... . 14. This bridge was built ... . 15. The contract will be typed (or will have been typed).... 16. Important scientific work is carried on (or is being carried on... ). 17. All the students had been examined (or will have been examined) ... . 18. The documents have not been signed ... ; They are being checked ... . 19. She was frightened ... .

Упражнение 3

1. The knife is made of steel. Нож сделан из стали. 2. Knives are generally made of steel. Ножи обычно делаются из стали. 3. These books are sold everywhere. Эти книги продаются везде. 4. These houses are sold out. Эти дома распроданы. 5. As my watch was broken, I had to buy a new one. Так как мои часы были сломаны, мне пришлось купить новые. 6. The cheese was cut with a sharp knife. Сыр нарезали (был нарезан) острым ножом. 7. When I came home, I saw that my son’s finger was cut to the bone. Когда я пришел домой, я увидел, что палец моего сына порезан до кости. 8. The roof of my house is painted every year. Крыша моего дома красится каждый год. 9. The roof of my house is painted red. Крыша моего дома выкрашена в красный цвет. 10. When I arrived at the port, all the cases were packed. Когда я приехал в порт, все ящики были упакованы. 11. The cases were packed by skilled workers. Ящики были упакованы умелыми рабочими. 12. The letter is written in ink. Письмо написано чернилами. 13. The shop is usually closed at 6 o’clock. Магазин обычно закрывается в 6 часов. 14. The bakery is closed, as today is Sunday. Булочная закрыта, так как сегодня воскресенье.

Упражнение 4

1. Is this letter signed? (or: Has this letter been signed?) 2. This letter has just been signed by the director. 3. The agreement is already concluded (or The agreement has already been concluded). 4. This agreement has just been concluded. 5. The goods are not yet delivered (or The goods have not yet been delivered). 6. The goods have been delivered by plane today. 7. This question is not settled yet (or This question has not been settled yet).8. Are the goods loaded? (or Have the goods been loaded?). 9. This building is fully restored (or has been fully restored). 10. The cases are counted (or have been counted). They can be taken to the warehouse. 11. This building had just been built when we came to Kiev. 12. When we came to Kiev there were a lot of houses there which had been destroyed. 13. When the director came everything was ready: the documents were checked (or had been checked) and the letters were typed (or had been typed). 14. The house had been repaired, the fence had been painted and many new flowers had been planted in the garden by the time he came back. 15. When you rang up, the work had just been finished. 16. You will not have to wait. The documents will have been checked and the letters will have been typed when you come.

Упражнение 5

1. В этом журнале часто печатаются научные статьи. 2. Новый фильм демонстрируется во всех больших кинотеатрах Санкт-Петербурга. 3. Эта книга рекомендована нам нашим преподавателем. 4. Контракт печатается (сейчас) (или: Контракт печатают {сейчас}). 5. Вас спросили (или: Вас спрашивали) об этом? 6. Контракт напечатан. Вы можете его прочесть. 7. Статья написана по-французски. 8. Письмо еще не отправлено. 9. В этом городе только что построена новая школа. Она построена из кирпича. 10. Каждый год в Москве строится большое количество новых домов. 11. Koгда нам будут доставлены машины? 12. Этот мост был спроектирован известным архитектором. 13. Пароход будет разгружен завтра (или: Пароход разгрузят завтра. 14. Пока товары готовились к отгрузке, мы искали подходящий пароход. 15. В этом районе строится новая железнодорожная линия. 16. Его тепло поблагодарили за помощь. 17. Контракт проверен юрисконсультом?

Упражнение 6

1. The first part of this book is being printed in Moscow, and the second part will be printed in St.Petersburg. 2. When was this theatre built? 3. A new station is being built in our town. 4. Our factory is equipped with up-to-date machinery. 5. He will soon be sent to the USA. 6. He was asked where he lived. 7. I think that this house will be built in July. 8. He will leave Moscow when the contract will be signed. 9. When he came the contrac has already been signed. 10. Where will the new library be built? 11. What is produced at this factory? 12. These books are sold in all the Moscow bookshops. 13. He can read this article if it will be translated into English. 14. This factory has just been re-equipped 15. A new bridge is being built near the station. 16. The library was closed, as it was already eight o’clock. 17. The letter can’t be sent off today, as it has not yet been signed by the director. 18. Moscow State University was founded in 1755. 19. Books and magazines are printed in 119 languages. 20. After the cases had been unpacked (or were unpacked), we found that some parts of the machine had been broken during transportation.

Упражнения 7

1. Ему показали дорогу на вокзал. 2. Ей сообщили (эту) новость, когда она вернулась домой. 3. Им предложили товар по высокой цене. 4. Покупателям предоставили трехмесячный кредит. 5. Им дали подробные инструкции и велели выполнить их немедленно. 6. Детей обучают в школе иностранным языкам (или: Детям преподают в школе иностранные языки). 7. Им платят два раза в месяц. 8. Ему предложили интересную работу. 9. Ему обещали немедленную помощь.

1. I haven't been told anything about it yet. 2. I was told that he had been asked to work at our Institute. 3. They were told about it last night. 4. I was offered a ticket for a (or: the) concert but I refused. 5. I was given this catalogue at a (or: the) factory. 6. Students of medical institutes are taught Latin. 7. They were shown the laboratories and the library of the University. 8. If I am offered this project, I shall, of course, agree. 9. The other day I was told a very interesting story. 10. We were told that he had gone to the factory and that he was not expected earlier than ten o’clock. 11. Yesterday I was shown some very good pictures of St.Petersburg.

Упражнения 8

1. Мои часы спешат, на них нельзя положиться. 2. Почему над ним смеялись? 3. Его всегда слушают с большим интересом. 4. Со мной никогда так не разговаривали раньше. 5. О ней очень хорошо говорят (отзываются). 6. Доктор, за которым немедленно послали, сказал, что больного надо отвезти в больницу. 7. Вчера я видел фильм, о котором так много говорят. 8. Его предложение не приняли во внимание. 9. Я хотел бы прочесть статью, на которую ссылался учитель. 10. Когда за ним послали? 11. Эта тема будет рассмотрена в следующей главе. 12. Он обещал, что вопрос будет рассмотрен.

1. Не was laughed at when he did it. 2. They were looked at with great interest when they appeared in the room. 3. Have they been sent for yet? 4. This article is often referred to. 5. This book is very much spoken of. 6. He can be relied on. 7. I am sure that he will be listened to with great attention. 8. When the car was lost sight of we went home. 9. I hope their dispute will be put an end to soon.

Упражнения 9

1. Тысячи людей присутствовали на собрании. 2. За этим законом вскоре последовал другой. 3. Все наши студенты нуждаются в этих книгах (или: Эти книги нужны всем нашим студентам). 4. За баскетбольным матчем следили с большим интересом. 5. На (это) письмо ответят завтра. 6. У подножья горы к нам присоединилась группа туристов.

1. Research work is done in all the institutes of our country. 2. The Russian Museum in St.Petersburg which was damaged during the war is now completely reconstructed. 3. Timber is carried-by special ships called log transporters. 4. I have been told yesterday that he was invited to work at the factory. 5. Houses are built for teachers who are working in the countryside. 6. His books are often referred to. 7. After long negotiations an agreement had been arrived at. 8. This information can be relied upon. 9. The conclusion of the agreement was commented upon by press. 10. They were given a long-term credit. 11. The patient will be operated after his relatives agree.

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