(Be) supposed to. It is said that... He is said to... (Exercises)

Miss Irene
Miss Irene
 It is said that... He is said to... (be) supposed to...

You can use these structures with a number of other verbs, especially:

thought believed considered reported known expected alleged

The boy is believed to be wearing a white pullover and blue jeans.

The strike is expected to end soon.

He is alleged to have kicked a policeman.

It is said that she works 16 hours a day.

The police are looking for a missing boy.

It is believed that the boy is wearing a white pullover and blue jeans.

The strike started three weeks ago.

It is expected that it will end soon. A friend of mine has been arrested.


These structures are often used in news reports.

For example, in a report about an accident:

It is reported that two people were injured in the explosion.


(Be) supposed to


Sometimes it is supposed to... = it is said to...:

           Let's go and see that film. It's supposed to be very good. (= it is said to be very good)

'Why was he arrested?' 'He's supposed to have kicked a policeman.'

(= he is said to have kicked a policeman)

But sometimes supposed to has a different meaning.

'Something is supposed to happen' = it is planned, arranged or expected. Often this is different from what really happens:

I'd better hurry. It's nearly 8 o'clock and I'm supposed to be meeting Ann at 8.15.

(= I have arranged to meet Ann, I said I would meet her)

The train was supposed to arrive at 11.30 but it was an hour late. (= the train was expected to arrive at 11.30 according to the timetable) ...        You were supposed to clean the windows. Why didn't you do it?


Now you have to use (be) supposed to with its other meaning.In each example what happens is different from what is supposed to happen. Use (be) supposed to + one of these verbs:

    arrive be block come park phone start

    Some of the sentences are negative (like the first example).

    22.You are not supposed to park here. It's private parking only.

    23.The train was supposed to arrive at 11.30, but it was an hour late.

    24.What are the children doing at home? They.......... at school at this time.

    25.We.................... work at 8.15, but we rarely do anything before 8.30.

    26.This door is a fire exit. You .......................it.

    27.Oh dear! I ....................Ann but I completely forgot.

    28.They arrived very early - at 2 o'clock. They.................. until 3.30.

Answers: 24-are supposed to be,25-are supposed to start,26-are not supposed to block 27-was supposed to phone,28-weren't supposed to come

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